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A Modern Woman Podcast

A Podcast About Modern Women

By Breeana Danell

Join Bree and Dugheiny as they walk you through being A Modern Woman. Whether it's dating, friendship, or everyday life.


  1. 19Hot Girls Down: We Folded Like Lawn Chairs
  2. 18Real Rap is Back!
  3. 17Mentirosa!
  4. 16Call Me Papacito
  5. 15He Did What?! Pa Fuera!!
  6. 14She Woman Holiday Haters Club
  7. 13Pinche Naranja!!
  8. 12Who Is She?!
  9. 11Let's Talk About.. Crazy Customer Stories
  10. 10Let's Talk About Maddie's Adoption
  11. 9Let's Talk About Juneteenth
  12. 8Let's Talk About Friendships That Ruin Relationships
  13. 7Let's Talk About A Shot of Sunshine Photography
  14. 6Let's Talk About Being a Woman in the Cigar/Hospitality Industry
  15. 5Let's Talk About Becoming A Modern Woman
  16. 4Let's Talk About My One Year in Virginia
  17. 3Let's Talk About Cannabis Industry Jobs pt. 2
  18. 2Let's Talk About Cannabis Industry Jobs
  19. 1Let's Talk About Bad Roommates