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Weekly Spread Podcast

Divisional Weekend of the 2023 NFL Season

Stephen Meriwether and JD Ferrell are hosts of The Weekly Spread Podcast.

We are switch it up for the Playoffs! We are picking 2 spreads each and all the Moneylines. No exotics and no stealing from o...

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Follow along as Stephen & JD pick NFL spreads every week of the season

A Modern Man

  1. 41Dirty 30 and for the Dreamers
  2. 40NBA Fake Trade Machine Activated for the New Year
  3. 39"10 minutes a day" A salute to Club Med
  4. 38Dissecting 'Between the World and Me' and the Conceptualization of Ta-Nehisi Coates
  5. 37Catching up w/ Arial Messerli
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Weekly Spread Podcast

  1. 42Divisional Weekend of the 2023 NFL Season
  2. 41Wildcard Weekend of the 2023 NFL Season
  3. 40Week 11 of the 2023 NFL Season "Modern Lock with Good team-Bad team"
  4. 39Week 10 of the 2023 NFL Season "This isn't a video podcast"
  5. 38Week 8 of the 2023 NFL Season "Another Modern Lock"
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Retired Shows Our retired shows, they were great while they lasted but are no more.

A Modern Woman Podcast

  1. 19Hot Girls Down: We Folded Like Lawn Chairs
  2. 18Real Rap is Back!
  3. 17Mentirosa!
  4. 16Call Me Papacito
  5. 15He Did What?! Pa Fuera!!
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Fargo Watch Party

  1. 24S2E10 "Kings Don't Need Security"
  2. 23S2E9 "Lou Saves The Day"
  3. 22S2E8 "The Difference Between Thinking and Being"
  4. 21S2E7 "I'm Not a Snitch"
  5. 20S2E6 "These are Modern Times for a Woman"
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