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A Modern Man

Run. One Step at a Time and Survey Segment

In this podcast, I read my article Run! One Step at a Time. It talks about my journey and where I found my love of running. I also launch the survey segment as a part of the podcast. It is where I take a surve ...

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A Modern Man

  1. 14Run. One Step at a Time and Survey Segment
  2. 13Why Can't We Just Have a Conversation with Ryan Taylor and Breeana Danell
  3. 12Soulmates come in Many Shapes and Sizes with Breeana Danell
  4. 11The Journey of Becoming with Alyssa Lynn and Grammy Recap with Bree
  5. 10Getting into Grad School and life lesson from Warren Buffet
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Fargo Watch Party

  1. 11Season One Wrap-up
  2. 10S1E10 - "The Other Mrs. Nygard"
  3. 9S1E9 - "Lester's Back"
  4. 8S1E8 - "Are We Calm"
  5. 7S1E7 - "I'm going to marry that girl someday"
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