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A Modern Man

Healthcare, Medical School, and Alphabet Soup w/ Malayna Hocker

We all know about the debilitating debt that students go through when choosing to become a Doctor, but do you really know? Malayna Hocker joins us for her segment "Alphabet Soup" to talk about her journey thro...

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A Modern Man

  1. 33Healthcare, Medical School, and Alphabet Soup w/ Malayna Hocker
  2. 32Acting in a Pandemic w/ Arial Messerli
  3. 31Spiking Her Way to College Dominance w/ Hayley Daniel
  4. 30Apple's Weapon to Combat Child Pornography w/ Stephen Meriwether
  5. 2920 years in Afghanistan and Delta Rising
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Fargo Watch Party

  1. 24S2E10 "Kings Don't Need Security"
  2. 23S2E9 "Lou Saves The Day"
  3. 22S2E8 "The Difference Between Thinking and Being"
  4. 21S2E7 "I'm Not a Snitch"
  5. 20S2E6 "These are Modern Times for a Woman"
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A Modern Woman Podcast

  1. 11Let's Talk About Maddie's Adoption
  2. 10Let's Talk About Juneteenth
  3. 9Let's Talk About Friendships That Ruin Relationships
  4. 8Let's Talk About A Shot of Sunshine Photography
  5. 7Let's Talk About Being a Woman in the Cigar/Hospitality Industry
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