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A Modern Man

Amazon Origin Stories and the Billionaire Space Race

Stephen Meriwether Joins me to talk about the history of Amazon and the significance of Jeff Bezos stepping down as the CEO of Amazon. He also talks about the Billionaire Space Race and I introduce a new segme...

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A Modern Man

  1. 27Amazon Origin Stories and the Billionaire Space Race
  2. 26Why I am taking a week off
  3. 2516 years and Still Fighting w/ Christina Moralez
  4. 24Malindi Evan's New Single and Window's 11 w/ Stephen Meriwether
  5. 23My Journey To Being a Modern Man
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Fargo Watch Party

  1. 24S2E10 "Kings Don't Need Security"
  2. 23S2E9 "Lou Saves The Day"
  3. 22S2E8 "The Difference Between Thinking and Being"
  4. 21S2E7 "I'm Not a Snitch"
  5. 20S2E6 "These are Modern Times for a Woman"
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A Modern Woman Podcast

  1. 10Let's Talk About Juneteenth
  2. 9Let's Talk About Friendships That Ruin Relationships
  3. 8Let's Talk About A Shot of Sunshine Photography
  4. 7Let's Talk About Being a Woman in the Cigar/Hospitality Industry
  5. 6Let's Talk About Becoming A Modern Woman
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