A Modern Man

A unique perspective on the world around us.

By JD Ferrell

Being a progressive, open minded, down to earth, humble man is a rare thing. I'm all of those things..........well, I'm not perfect, but I do the best that I can to be an example of a "Modern Man". Join me as we examine the emotional, physical, and psychological aspects that we, millennial men, are going through, and as we look at the things we're doing to make an impact. A Modern Man is a safe, and welcoming, space to showcase the beauty and diversity of our species.


  1. 41Dirty 30 and for the Dreamers
  2. 40NBA Fake Trade Machine Activated for the New Year
  3. 39"10 minutes a day" A salute to Club Med
  4. 38Dissecting 'Between the World and Me' and the Conceptualization of Ta-Nehisi Coates
  5. 37Catching up w/ Arial Messerli
  6. 36Moving to China w/ Hasina Sadiwala
  7. 35SAG Cards, and Getting Casted in a Feature Film w/ Arial Messerli
  8. 34New iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches w/ Stephen Meriwether
  9. 33Healthcare, Medical School, and Alphabet Soup w/ Malayna Hocker
  10. 32Acting in a Pandemic w/ Arial Messerli
  11. 31Spiking Her Way to College Dominance w/ Hayley Daniel
  12. 30Apple's Weapon to Combat Child Pornography w/ Stephen Meriwether
  13. 2920 years in Afghanistan and Delta Rising
  14. 28The Daily life of an OnlyFans Content Creator w/ Sonia Contreras
  15. 27Amazon Origin Stories and the Billionaire Space Race
  16. 26Why I am taking a week off
  17. 2516 years and Still Fighting w/ Christina Moralez
  18. 24Malindi Evan's New Single and Window's 11 w/ Stephen Meriwether
  19. 23My Journey To Being a Modern Man
  20. 22What the Average Consumer Needs to Know about Crypto w/ Brenden Easter
  21. 21The Apple WWDC w/ Stephen Meriwether
  22. 20Live From the 23rd Floor
  23. 19Alyssa Ashenfarb on Mental Health and What is Cryptocurrency with Brenden Easter?
  24. 18The Voices of Motherhood
  25. 17Teacher Appreciation Week and What is Infrastructure?
  26. 16Trauma and Ruptured Relationships with Alyssa Ashenfarb
  27. 15New Gun Laws, DACA and Voter Suppression with Breeana Danell and Emily Pham
  28. 14Run. One Step at a Time and Survey Segment
  29. 13Why Can't We Just Have a Conversation with Ryan Taylor and Breeana Danell
  30. 12Soulmates come in Many Shapes and Sizes with Breeana Danell
  31. 11The Journey of Becoming with Alyssa Lynn and Grammy Recap with Bree
  32. 10Getting into Grad School and life lesson from Warren Buffet
  33. 92021 Golden Globe Recap
  34. 8Should Stimulus Checks become the Norm?
  35. 7Why I hate V-Day and Britney Bi***th
  36. 6Cancel Culture, The N-Word, and Morgan Wallen
  37. 5From the Village, To Girl Dad, Through Covid with Scott DeRosa
  38. 4Practicing Medicine in a Pandemic with Dr. Peter B. Stanbro
  39. 3Dating Through A Pandemic with Arial Messerli
  40. 2Bartending in NYC Through a Pandemic with Kristen Leger
  41. 1Teaching During a Pandemic with Jordyn Irvin