Bartending in NYC Through a Pandemic with Kristen Leger

A Modern Man JD Ferrell

On this Podcast, I am joined by one of my dear friends and Bartender Kristen Leger. She talks about her experience as a Bartender in NYC during the Pandemic after working in the Lower East Side for the past 8 years. She shares her experience struggling through the shutdown, her burnout of the lifestyle of being a bartender, and we get a little sidetracked talking about the political aspects of the Pandemic because although it shouldn’t of been we have all suffered during this pandemic because it was seen as a political problem.  Kristen's social @Kristen_Leger_  @moodfood212 Please Like and Subscribe if that's your thing Add me to get a shoutout! (   Twitter: @JDarnellFerrell Instagram: @JDFerrell Snapchat: @bDarnelld Facebook: @JDFerrell Tik Tok: @JDFerrelll Business Email: